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RM1611 Rotary Motor-driven potentiometer

RM1611 Rotary Motor-driven potentiometer

  • Series£ºRM1611
  • Format£ºSee the following profile
  • Specifications¡¡¡¡

    Potentiometer Model£º
    Name£º Rotary Motor-driven potentiometer
    Main Specifications: Rated power£º0.2W£»
    The maximum operating voltage£º50V AC / 20V DC
    Full rotation angle£º300°±10° £»
    The rotational torque£º60~350gf.cm£»
    Rotation noise£º47mV£»
    Motor operating voltage£º4V¡«6V DC (4.5V DC Standard )£»
    The maximum operating current of the motor£º100mA£»
    Operating temperature£º5¡æ¡«70¡æ£»
    Rotational Life: more than 10,000 times£»
    Product Features£º By motor drive control mandrel rotation circuit, shaft type and shaft length can be selected.
    Applications£º Mainly applied to audio amplifier, home theater, stage equipment, medical equipment, toys and other household appliances above may also be used, mainly from the volume control, pressure, speed and so on.

    1¡¢ Rotational Torque £º60~350gf.cm
    2¡¢Total Rotational Angle £º300°±10°¡¡
    3¡¢Number of detemts click£º1£¬11£¬21£¬41 Click
    4¡¢Click slip out force£º150~600 gf.cm
    5¡¢Shaft Stop Strength £º≥ 6 Kgf.cm
    6¡¢Shaft Wobble (mm p-p) £ºWithin(0.7xL/30)mm p-p

    1¡¢Total Resistance Range £º1KΩ£¼R£¼1MΩ£¬±20%£»1KΩ≥R or R≥1MΩ£¬±30%
    2¡¢Resistance Taper £ºA\B\C
    3¡¢Rating Power £º0.2W
    4¡¢Max. Operating Voltage £º50V AC / 20V DC
    5¡¢Residual Resistance£ºR1,2≤10Ω;R2,3≤20Ω
    5¡¢Insulation Resistance £º100M? 1 Minute at DC 500V
    6¡¢Dielectric Voltage £º1 Minute at AC 500V
    7¡¢Motor Operation Voltage£º4V¡«6V DC (4.5V DC Standard )
    8¡¢Motor Max Operation Current£º100mA

    1¡¢Rotational Life £º10,000 cycles Min

    Note:In this catalog,if some parame ters lr drawings are different from the "Approval sheet",it's subject to the "Approval sheet".




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